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The Ruin of Nimbar Adventure 2: Riddles in the Underdark

After escaping the torture of Klak in Dungeons of Kerath, the human cleric, Quinn, Warden of the North summons the remaining Wardens to a secret gathering in the Star City of Astifoorn, the Crown of Nerath and the home of the Everlast. The magic of the Everlast has began to wane and the protection of the Shimmer grown weak. Evil has entered the lands and the road to Nerath's Star City is wrought with peril and danger!

Heeding the summons, the dark elf Drizzt Do' Urden, Warden of the West takes the journey beneath the mountains, hoping that his knowledge of the caverns beneath will lead him to Astifoorn sooner.

But the Drow of legend and his companions may be walking into a trap. For the land of the Underdark has grown more treacherous. An ancient Evil has awoken deep within the mountains and in Menzoberranzan, more than spiders lay in wait.

When You Start the Adventure, Read:

Deep beneath the surface, in the labyrinth of caves and caverns of the Underdark, Drizzt and his companions set out to seek a quicker passage to Astifoorn, the City of Stars. But some evil is afoot in these mountains and the power of the Shimmer has faltered. As the companions journey onward, thunderous vibrations cause a series of rockfalls and cave-ins and through the crevices hordes of monsters have come spewing forth!

Quick! You must make for the Dwindlehelm Door which leads to an underground canyon  stretching to Menzoberranzan and shielded by the ancient Drow magic.

Goal: Guide Drizzt and his companions safely out of the Underdark or be trapped in the caverns forever!

Number of Heroes: 1-4 Heroes

Suggested Heroes: Drizzt (LOD), Artemis (LOD), Jarlaxle (LOD), Thorgrim (CR)
Healing Surges: 3

Adventure Setup

Cavern Tiles and cavern Edge Tiles from the Legend of Drizzt, Broken Door Tile, Underground River Tile, Horrid Chamber entrance Tile and Horrid Chamber Tiles from Wrath of Ashardalon.

Special Components in this Adventure:

Drizzt D' Urden Dark Elf Ranger figurine, character card and power cards.
Artemis Entreri Assassin figurine, character card and power cards.
Jarlaxle Baenre Swashbucker figurine, character card and power cards.
Thorgrim Dwarf Cleric figurine, character card and power cards.
Encounter cards from Legend of Drizzt
Monster cards from ALL the adventures (If you like a challenge!)
Balor Errtu Villain card & figurine


Shuffle the cavern tile stack. Remove 3 random tiles and shuffle in the Broken Door tile. Then, without looking at any of the tiles, put the shuffled 4 tiles into the stack after the 8th tile. In this way the Broken Door will appear between the 9th and 12th tile. Now remove 3 tiles from the bottom of the cavern tile stack and shuffle in the Horrid Chamber Entrance Tile. Again, without looking at any of the tiles, put the shuffled 4 tiles into the stack after the 20th tile. In this way the Broken Door will appear between the 21st and 25th tile. Place the Underground River Tile after the 25th tile. The stack is now ready.


Until the Broken Door tile is revealed, whenever an encounter card would be drawn, instead of drawing an encounter, place a cavern edge tile on any unexplored edge of the dungeon.
After the Broken Door is revealed, draw encounter cards as per normal. Once the Horrid Chamber Entrance Tile is revealed, build the chamber as per Ashardalon's rule set and have player's draw monster cards until each chamber tile is filled. Place the Errtu villain figure on the innermost tile of the chamber. Errtu activates at the start of each hero's villain phase. Once built, heroes inside the chamber do not draw encounter cards.

Victory: The Heroes win this adventure by escaping the caverns, reaching the broken door and defeating the Balor Errtu in the hidden chamber. Heroes may only 'escape' by ending their hero phase on the underground river tile. Read the text "When you are Escape the Caverns" below.

Defeat: The heroes fail if any one hero is killed and no more healing surges remain or if they become trapped in the underground caverns before the broken door is revealed.

When You Reveal The Broken Door, read:

The Dwindlehelm Door is shattered. Darkness paves the way to the City of Spiders. Artemis gives a grim but sly smile: "Well, at least the roof's no longer falling on our heads!"
"There is evil awakened here," says Drizzt, "But there is no going back now. Our only way out of these wretched caverns is the undergound river which lies on the outskirts of my birth city"
The party journeys onwards...

When You Reveal The Horrid Chamber Entrace, read:

The City of Menzoberranzan is in ruin, wreathed in flame and blood. Horror-stricken, Drizzt and his companions are overwhelmed at the number of drow that lay dead and mutilated. The few Drow that remain have been driven mad with blood lust, feasting off the flesh of the hapless dead. And, in the very heart of the city, the Balor Errtu stands poised and waiting, 'D' Urden!!' comes the booming voice, 'My Doom is upon you! Today you shall perish in flame and fire! There will be no passage for your and your friends - You shall NOT PASS!!!'
Drawing their swords and weapons, Drizzt's companions step boldly forward. "Right," says the Drow of Legend calmly, "Let's get this over with..."

When You Escape The Caverns, read:

The river ebbs towards an outermost chamber. Finally, daylight! As the heroes emerge they swim hastily towards the outermost banks and away from the torment of the mountains. On the side of the river you notice a figure laying. "By Strohm's beard, it's a Druid!" exclaims Thorgrim. The Druid is alive but barely breathing. "What torment did this poor soul endure in those caves!" With his healing powers, Thorgrim manages to revive the Elvish Druid who blinks and sits up rather hastily. "Easy, friend," Drizzt cautions, "You need rest for your wounds." But the Druid merely grasps at the Drow's arm and pulling him close whispers in a broken voice: "Astifoorn...Wardens...must warn...end of days...He is coming. Zaldramas is coming!"
Did you order pineapple on your pizza?

Gandalf? Never heard 'a him. 

For the Elf Druid we used a Drow Wizard mini

Strategy over snacks. Cos that's how we roll...

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